Sunday, 21 August 2016

Conor's Birthday Dinner

On Saturday Mum, Elliot, Emily and I went in the van to pick up Carter and Ben and we took them   
to Denny's.  Everyone else  met at Denny’s and the people I invited to dinner were Ben, Carter, Chris, IMO, Victoria, Gregory and Joel. We went to Denny's because it was my birthday. I had the mushroom burger, curly fries and a coke. The rest had lots of yummy food. While we were waiting for our food Gregory and I played a $1 game and Gregory helped me play. I won a card. After the game we came back and had our dinner, it was so yummy!!! Then we ordered some supper but I didn't have supper because I was so full.
I opened my gifts and I got lots of gift cards, a teacup and a teapot, a Harry Potter coloring book, coloring pencils, some chocolate, a jumper and a t-shirt.

What a fab birthday I had with my friends.

This newer Denny's off ...

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