Sunday, 21 August 2016

Conor's Birthday Dinner

On Saturday Mum, Elliot, Emily and I went in the van to pick up Carter and Ben and we took them   
to Denny's.  Everyone else  met at Denny’s and the people I invited to dinner were Ben, Carter, Chris, IMO, Victoria, Gregory and Joel. We went to Denny's because it was my birthday. I had the mushroom burger, curly fries and a coke. The rest had lots of yummy food. While we were waiting for our food Gregory and I played a $1 game and Gregory helped me play. I won a card. After the game we came back and had our dinner, it was so yummy!!! Then we ordered some supper but I didn't have supper because I was so full.
I opened my gifts and I got lots of gift cards, a teacup and a teapot, a Harry Potter coloring book, coloring pencils, some chocolate, a jumper and a t-shirt.

What a fab birthday I had with my friends.

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Wednesday, 27 July 2016

On Monday Dad drove me to the drop off center at Onehunga center for a day trip. When we got there we all got on the party bus and partied all the way to a Mall and played various party games and then we had lunch.

Tuesday was another fun day where Ben and I traveled  to the Waiwera hot pools when we got dressed we hoped in the movie pools the movie that was on was the good dinosaur. After the pools we had our packed lunch. Then we went back into the pools for 5min when the 5 min had finished we got dry and put our clouse on and headed back to be picked up.

On Wednesday Me, Ben and Mum went to montury cinema in howick to see Ice Age Collision Course the movie I had a $5 combo and this is what came with it a large popcorn, a large soft drink and a Ben and Jerry's strawberry cheesecake flavored ice cream.
After the movie we went to mum's friends house on the way we went to get lunch from the sushi bar i had teriyaki chicken and rice and pick your sushi it was $5.

On Thursday Mum took Ben and me to Onehunga taxi stand to catch our taxi when we got there we hopped on the taxi i could not watt to go to the movie Finding Dory and also to the mall.When we all had arrived we hopped off the taxi and went into the cinema and got  our seats we all had popcorn to share with our mates.
After the movie we went to get our lunch we all had a medium $5 combo it came with a cheeseburger, a medium coke zero and a medium fries.
Then we went into the mall I bought  a Tom Gates book.
We had a fab day so it was time to head back to Papakura pick up.

On Friday Mum took Ben and me to the botany ice skating rink when we got there we went to our caregiver and we started to skate on the ice  skating rink for about 5 to 6 min I had ago on the slay, well char, and the ramp. After the ice skating we all had lunch I had a medium Mac chicken combo for $5. Then we had a race i won a mars chocolate bar. What a fab day it was so it was time to head back and be picked up.

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Monday, 25 July 2016

Nana's house by christopher

In the holidays I went to Nana’s house.
I played logos on the iPod. I watched nickelodeon.
I went for a sleepover. I fell asleep in my bed.
I had a great time at Nana’s house.
By Christopher.

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Sunday, 29 May 2016

Trip to Bowling in Botany by Conor

On Saturday my family and I went to the Extreme Bowling in Botany in the van.
We all had a $5 combo at McDonald’s and Ben had a gluten free meal.  Elliott, my brother, shared the burger and chips with Mum.
Upon arrival I saw bright neon lights, the music was playing loudly and a prize was on display as an incentive.
We played on the arcade games before bowling and Ben won 105 tickets and I won 103 tickets. The tickets gave us free turns and prizes.  I have saved my big ticket to win the iPhone 4.
Next we played a game of bowling where I got some strikes and some spares and Ben, my other brother, got the same as me.  My score was 111 and Ben's was 100. I won the bowling game.
What a fab day I can't wait to go again my family. We ended the day with my favourite Singapore Noodles for dinner which was at a restaurant.


Trip to comic shop.

On Saturday Me and Mum went to the Ark ham comic book store in Royal Oak mall in the van when we got there me and Mum had a $5 Big Mac deal for lunch. I cold not wait to finish my lunch because I was so excited to go to the comic shop and spend my money. After lunch we went up the lift to the comic book store I got a hardback comic book it was called Batman vs Superman Dawn of justice and Mum
Got me before you it's a romance story. Then after the comic book store Me and Mum got a coffee I had a moccachino and mum had a cappuccino. When we had finished our coffee we went home to  read our comic books.
What a fab day I can't wait to go again with my My Mum sometime

Batman vs Superman : New

Monday, 9 May 2016

FREE Comic Book DAY 2016

On Saturday my family and I went to a Free Comic Book Day on the 7th of May 2016 at Royal Oak Mall. We went upstairs to the event. I got 4 free comics and had a photo taken at the photo booth of me by the Artists. The Artist turned my photo into a Superhero called Quicksilver..
Then we got a bite to eat we had MacDonald's, a $5 cheeseburger Combo, Elliot, my brother, had a chicken cheese burger Happy Meal and Mum and Dad just had a coffee to drink because Mum and Dad had lunch before they took me there.
What a Fantastic day I had and that's why I would like to go to the Free comic book festival every year.

My 1st Free comic book day

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Coffee and tea poem

Tea is grate
Coffee i adore
Ice cream I love
As i’m opening the door
As my cat is sore so I give him a hug and some love.